If you want to provide a puppy with the best possible care you’ve come to right place! Here at Taking Care of a Puppy we’re committed to providing you with the tips and information that you will need to guide you through the many aspects of puppy care.

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A well-cared for puppy is likely to grow up to be a healthy, well-adjusted dog that’s a pleasure to be around.

So, take the time to get things right in the early stages and you’ll reap the benefits in the long run. Make sure you follow these tips when taking care of a puppy for the first time:

Food and Water

A puppy must be fed and watered a few times a day. Actually, you should make sure that there is cold, clean water available all day. You will most likely feed the puppy three times a day when it is young and then gradually taper off to twice a day as the puppy ages. You should feed a puppy food specifically made for a growing dog. Puppy food is smaller and easier for a young puppy to chew and digest.

Puppy-Proof Your House

Puppies are very much like little babies. They will get into all sorts of things if you are not careful. They are also notorious for swallowing objects that can get caught in their intestinal tract and cause the puppy pain and may even result in operation. Make sure that small objects are put away and that your puppy cannot get to them. Put locks on cabinet doors and close closets where dangerous chemicals are kept. Puppy proof your house the same way you would child-proof a house.

Give Your Puppy A Chew Toy

Puppies love to chew and are always teething. They need to chew and will chew on anything in sight. Do not allow them to chew on shoes, even if they are old shoes as this will make the puppy think it is okay to chew on new shoes as well. Give the puppy a chew toy that is safe for young puppies and when you find him or her chewing on something, offer the toy. This will let the puppy know that the toy is for chewing.

Expect Accidents

A puppy is like a little baby. Just the same way that you cannot expect an infant to be toilet trained, you cannot expect a new puppy to be housebroken. You should keep your puppy under your watchful eye when you are home and crated when you are not home to avoid accidents and for the safety of the animal as well. Puppies thrive on routine, so take him or her out after meals and your puppy will get used to using the outdoors as a toilet. Once your puppy goes outside, praise the puppy and give a doggie treat. This will encourage repetitive behavior.

Taking care of a puppy is fun and rewarding. If you do a proper job, your puppy will grow into a loving and obedient dog.