House Training a Puppy

House training a puppy encompasses both making sure that the animal does not go to the bathroom in the house as well as that he does not jump on furniture, chew on shoes, get into the trash or generally create havoc in the house.

Puppies are the most delightful of all pets, but you have to train them young so that they will grow up to be obedient and good dogs.

If you are house training a puppy, use the following tips:
Establish a routine

Like children, puppies thrive on routine. You should make sure that the puppy eats at the same time each day and is let out at the same times. Young puppies normally eat three times a day. Older dogs eat twice a day. After eating the puppy should be taken where he or she can go to the bathroom. This can be a litter box, if it is small breed, or outside.

If you live in a home with a fenced in yard, you can just allow the puppy outside after he eats. If not, you will have to take him for a walk on a leash. Either way, routine is the key to keeping the puppy from going in the house.

Expect the puppy to have accidents until he is about a year old, at which time he should be fully trained. You can keep the puppy in a crate or in an area where he cannot cause too much damage until then, unless you are watching him closely. Be sure to get some carpet cleaner, just to be on the safe side.
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Give proper chew toys

You want to make sure that the puppy does not chew on objects he should not be chewing upon. Give the puppy a chew toy, or several chew toys, so that he can have something to chew. If you catch your puppy chewing on something else,take it away and give him the chew toy. This will keep him from chewing on items like expensive shoes.
Keep a lid on the trash

Make sure that you get a trash can that is sealed so that your puppy does not get into the trash and eat the trash. Puppies like to get into mischief and there are things are in the trash that can harm your puppy. Things that can get lodged into his system and give him considerable problems.

If you keep a lid on the trash, you can eliminate this problem before it begins.
Watch the toilets

Do not use automatic toilet cleaners in your toilets as they can be poisonous to your puppy. Puppies have the habit of drinking out of the toilet. Keep the lids down and do not use those blue cleaners that color the water.
Do not feed the puppy from the table

You may think it is cute for the puppy to beg at the table for scraps. You should watch what you give your puppy to eat as some things can upset his stomach. You should never feed the puppy while you are eating at the table as he will then expect to be fed all the time and will soon start whining and begging for food when you sit down to eat.

House training a puppy will make him a pet that is a delight to be around in the house. If your puppy is going to live in the house, he must be house trained.