How to Clip a Dog’s Nails

You are going to have to clip the nails of your puppy or dog every month or so in order to make sure that they do not get too long and scratch surfaces as well as skin. Just like a human, dog nails need to be clipped. Here are some tips on doing this right:

Get good clippers

Although there are discount dog clippers available, do not throw good money after bad by opting for cheap dog nail clippers.

Invest in some good dog nail clippers right from the start. There are different size dog nail clippers. They are made for different dog breeds. Smaller dogs, naturally, use smaller dog nail clippers.
Give the dog a bath first

If you bathe your dog prior to clipping his nails, they will be softer and more pliable. You will not have to struggle so hard. The entire grooming process should take place once a month with you giving your dog a bath, checking his ears, clipping his nails and putting on doggie powder. You should also brush his teeth at this time as well, although that should be done more often.
Hold firm to the dog

If you have a large dog, you will have to hold on to him very firmly. If you have a puppy, get him used to getting his nails clipped on a regular basis and talk soothingly to him as you are performing this action. Some dog groomers actually have to muzzle their dog in order to clip their nails. Remember each dog is different. You are better off to talk soothingly to your dog and hold him firmly.
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Clip what you can

If your dog gives you a lot of trouble and gets away, do not fret. Clip what you can. Each time you try this, he will get better. Again, the secret is to make it as pleasant an experience as possible for him while you are clipping him. Talk to him. Dogs cannot understand the words you are saying, but they understand tone and simple commands. By talking soothingly to him, you can calm him down in order to get his nails clipped.
Clip only the tips square

Do not attempt to clip the entire nail and do not go down too deep. This can possibly even cause an infection on your dog. Just as you would clip your own nails, do the same with your dog. Just clip the tips. Dog nails grow similar to the rate of human nails, so clipping the tips each month will keep them in good shape. If you clip too much, it can possibly give your dog discomfort. Then the next time that you clip his nails, he will be afraid.
Practice makes perfect

The more you practice clipping dog nails, the easier it will become and the faster the process will be. Soon it will be like a routine. The first few times you attempt this may be difficult, but the more you continue, the easier it will get for both you and your dog. Obviously this will differ from dog to dog as they all have different characters and temperaments.