How To Treat Puppy Colic

Puppy colic is similar to baby colic. It is gastronomical disorder that is usually caused by too much gas in the system. It does resolve itself over a period of time, just like in humans.

A puppy who has colic has an uncontrollable urge to move his bowels soon after eating. He may have more than the usual number of bowel movements in a day.

One way to treat puppy colic is to feed your puppy prescribed puppy food that is for dogs with weak stomachs. Just like a doctor will tell you to change a baby formula, you have to be prepared to change your puppy food. Once you settle on a food that agrees with the puppy, stick to it.

Make sure that your puppy does not eat any human food that can aggravate the condition. There are also some medications that your vet can prescribe if your puppy is experiencing puppy colic.

One thing you want to be aware of is that your puppy cannot help feeling this way. He is a helpless creature with the mind of an infant. Yelling at him and screaming or hitting is not going to do any good. It is going to upset the dog and make you feel bad about yourself.

Have some patience with a puppy with puppy colic. As the dog grows, the digestive tract will become stronger and the colic will subside. Continue feeding your dog foods as prescribed by your vet and on a certain schedule. Some vets will suggest that you feed the puppy more often when he has puppy colic, and smaller amounts, so that he can better digest his food.

You should still work on training your puppy despite the puppy colic. Teach him to go outdoors or in the litter box, if that is your method, after eating. Your puppy will most likely have to go to the bathroom right away after eating if he has puppy colic, so be prepared to accommodate him.

Make sure that he drinks a lot of water. This is crucial for a puppy who has diarrhea that sometimes accompanies puppy colic. A puppy, just like a baby, can easily get dehydrated. You do not want that to happen so be sure to offer water.

Puppy colic will go away on its own usually by the time the dog is a year old. Your vet will have medications and suggest different foods that may be easier on the digestive tract for the puppy. Remember that the poor creature is in pain with the colic due to the gas build up in his intestines and have some patience. Yelling at the dog is not going to make the colic go away.

Once your puppy gets over puppy colic, he will be a normal and healthy dog. The days of puppy colic will be a long ago memory and you will be rewarded for your patience with a loving pet.