How to Litter Box Train Your Puppy

If you have a toy breed, you may choose to litter box train your puppy. You can litter box train a puppy the same way you can a cat and if you live in an apartment or condominium, this makes perfect sense. Of course, you can only do this with a small dog.

Training a cat is easy. Training a puppy is not so easy. A puppy will go to the toilet anywhere. They prefer soft spots in the house and will make a beeline for carpet or rugs. Cats, on the other hand, prefer the grainy substance of litter and will usually prefer this to any other place as long as the litter box is clean.

In order to litter box train a puppy, you will need a large litter box and litter. You can use the same type of litter as you would for a cat. You should have the litter box in an area like a bathroom where it can be confined.

Puppies thrive on routine therefore, your puppy will need to have a routine for feeding in order to be trained. You should feed your puppy at the same time each day.

After you are finished feeding your puppy, you should then take him to the bathroom or the place where the litter box is. Introduce him to the litter box by scratching his little paws in it and then place him in there. This will require some patience as you will have to continue to wait until he goes to the bathroom. This can take some time as the puppy will not know what he is supposed to be doing.

When the puppy finally does use the litter box, you should praise him. You can then continue to take him to the litter box after each meal. If your puppy has an accident, you should scold him and take him to the litter box so that he makes the correlation that the litter box is where he should be going to the toilet.
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This does not happen overnight as it takes time to train a puppy. At first, you will be the one who is trained to take your puppy to the litter box. After a while, you can then allow the puppy to go to the litter box himself. Make sure that you continue to use positive and negative reinforcement of his habits. Do not hit the puppy if he has an accident, but do scold him. You never want the puppy to think it is acceptable for him to go to the bathroom in the house.

Praising your puppy for a job well done is something that he craves. This will get good results. After a while, your puppy will begin using the litter box every time he has to go to the toilet.

You should make sure to clean the litter box and, if you use scoop able litter, scoop it on a daily basis. You can then make sure that your house does not have an odor. If you scoop the litter box daily and feed your puppy the same diet, your house should remain odor free and you will not have to worry about taking the puppy outside on days when it is cold, raining or in otherwise bad weather.