Puppy Litter Box Training

If you have a small breed dog, you can teach your puppy to use a litter box instead of taking him outside. This can be a great thing, especially if you live in a high rise apartment building.

Most of us do not relish the idea of taking our dogs out for a walk in the cold, ice or rain. Yet once you establish this routine with your puppy, you should follow through with it. A puppy, like a child, thrives on routine. When you break a routine, a puppy feels stressed and may act out by tearing up things in the house, causing destruction or even going to the bathroom in the house.

Cats naturally like to go in a litter box and require very little training, if any. Simply scratch their paws in the litter box and they know where to go. Puppies, however, are a bit different. It is not as natural for a puppy to go in the litter box, although the new litter is soft and puppies do like to go where it is private and the ground is soft.

The trick to get your puppy to go in the litter box is to put some of his own dropping in there and allow him to sniff it. There is also a urine like spray that is used for paper training puppies that you can spray in the litter that will give your dog the hint that this is where he is supposed to go. This can be purchased at your local pet store, along with a litter box, litter and a scoop.
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Puppies have the habit of going in the same place all of the time. Once your puppy understands that this is his toilet, he will get used to using it. You can scoop the litter box daily the same as you would do for a cat and not have any odor in your home. Once a month, you can change the litter and wash out the litter box. It is very easy.

You should put the litter box somewhere discreet. Dogs do not like to be watched when they are going to the bathroom. If you have a laundry room, this can be the perfect place. You need to also make sure that it is far away from his food. Dogs do not like to go where they eat. Again, you do not want it near his bed as dogs do not like to go where they sleep. They are more human like than you can imagine. Dogs.

Once you have used puppy litter box training, you will be glad that you choose this method for housebreaking your small breed dog. Remember that this method can only be used for very small dogs.