Puppy Potty Training

The first thing that you have to understand when puppy potty training is that your puppy is going to have accidents. Puppies are very much like little babies.

They cannot be expected to hold their bladders or bowels for a long period of time. Your puppy will be a dog before he or she can fully be potty trained.

You can reduce the number of accidents your puppy has in the house by keeping him or her in a crate when you are not watching. The puppy will get used to being in the crate and will most likely want to stay in there even after he is fully trained. Puppies get a feeling of security from having their own crate as it is like a den to a puppy. Make it comfortable and warm and put a chew toy in there and your puppy will enjoy being inside his little home.

In order to be successful at puppy potty training, you have to understand the concept that puppies and dogs do not like to go to the bathroom anywhere near where they sleep or eat. Your puppy will not go to the bathroom in his crate. You will need to let him out every often so he can use the outdoors. If you have him fenced in yard, you can allow him to go out and watch him to see if he goes to the bathroom outside. Once he does, you should make a big fuss and reward him with a biscuit or doggy treat.
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Small dogs can be either paper trained or even litter box trained. This can be ideal if you are living in an apartment or someplace where it is not convenient to take the dog outside. This only works well with small breeds, however. The larger the dog, the more exercise it needs. You cannot expect to keep a large dog in a small apartment and litter train him.

Once your puppy uses the designated place to go to the bathroom more than a few times and is rewarded, he or she will begin to associate the reward with using the toilet and will tend to understand that this is where he should go to the bathroom. Puppies are creatures of habit and will often go in the same spot.

You can also take your dog for a walk after he or she eats and allow them to go to the bathroom during the walk. You should always bring a scooper and bag with you to clean up any mess your puppy makes. Puppies thrive on routine, so if you want to take the puppy for a walk and teach it to go to the bathroom during the walk, you need to do this several times a day at around the same time each day.

Another trick to puppy potty training is to feed the puppy at the same time each day. Do not change around the food and feed him on a schedule. This way, he will also go to the bathroom at the same time each day.

Puppy potty training takes patience, but is not difficult. Once your puppy is about a year old, he or she should be fully housebroken and will not go to the bathroom in the house.